Community Relations

  • Diagnosis, development and monitoring of community relations strategies with communities, interest groups and indigenous groups.
  • Evaluation and audit of policies, strategies and applied practices.
  • Negotiation of agreements and agreements between companies and communities.
  • Indigenous law, consultation with indigenous peoples and application of ILO Convention 169.
  • Review and redesign of participation processes in the SEIA.


  • Structuring and negotiation of national and international financing (corporate loans, project finance)
  • Support in the development of corporate and tax strategies
  • Preparation and negotiation of engineering and construction contracts (EPC, EPCM, BOT) and all types of supply and service contracts (energy, sulfuric acid, others)
  • Claims and resolution of controversies and disputes
  • Regulatory compliance and contract administration


  • Processing and defense of water rights.
  • Obtaining permits from the DGA and other competent authorities.
  • Advice to water user organizations (water communities, canal associations and surveillance boards), including their constitution and operation, as well as advice to companies on relationships and agreements with said organizations.


  • Processing and defense of mining exploration and exploitation rights.
  • Obtaining voluntary and judicial easements, crossings, passage agreements and others.
  • Technical and regulatory aspects.


  • Strategic legal environmental and community advice on investment and operations projects.
  • Environmental evaluation (SEIA), advice on the preparation and processing of environmental permits (DIA, EIA, Relevance Consultations) and sectoral permits.
  • Compliance audit and environmental monitoring, regularization and due diligence.
  • Community relations strategy, prior citizen participation and in the environmental evaluation process.


  • Tracking and monitoring of legislative and administrative modifications, regulatory updates.

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