Eduardo Barros G.

Social Worker, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (1987 – 1994).

Eduardo has over ten years’ experience in public policy management, and in consulting for both public and private projects in remote areas of the country, especially in the provinces of Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego.

He has lead the design and execution of community relations strategies for projects, with an emphasis on diagnostics, conflict resolution and links with the surrounding area.

Eduardo’s professional approach is characterized by his flexibility and the ability to easily coordinate and integrate work teams. Proactive and purpose-oriented, he has vast experience working on-site. Eduardo has a very successful experience in the development of competencies for the systematization and management control and in the promotion of collaborative environments in order to foster the projects’ development.

Eduardo is a consultant in public policy for the Sub-Antarctic Conservation Program, focused on the sustainable development of the Biosphere Reserve of Cabo de Hornos.


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