Ernesto Barros

Lawyer, Universidad de Chile (1983 – 1987). 

With over 30-year experience, Mr. Barros is an expert in environmental, indigenous and communities law and regulation. He has provided strategic and legal consulting to numerous projects, mainly in the mining and energy sectors. He has significative experience in the banking industry and has held positions in governmental entities. Ernesto founded Barros & Asociados eleven years ago.

Ernesto has specialized himself in the design of strategic guidelines for the development of natural resources projects with an emphasis in the generation of fair, legitimate and positive relationships among projects and communities. 

Of note in his professional career is the work Ernesto performs on-site, which has allowed him to acquire a considerable knowledge of the local communities in Chile, enabling the generation of pertinent strategies, particular and innovative for each territorial reality. Ernesto has successfully formed and guided multi-disciplinary work teams.


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